Henry County High School varsity tennis team

The 44 members of the Henry County High School varsity tennis team are (front row, from left) Michael Flowers, Reece Hassell, Winnie Jones, Meg Gardner, Annalise Williams, Hailey Maddox, Skylar Butler, Madison Hopkins, Josie Hudson, Alyssa Mellon; (back row) William Wang, Clay Durham, Lexi Daniels, Seth Bucy, Alex Boyd, Tori Starks, Meridith Roberson, Gigi Mitchell, Morgan Nance, Isabel Harrison, Anna Divito, Janet McFadden, Aaliyah Phillips, Skylar Baker, Fayne Cardenas, Amiya Byars, Aaron Stearnes, Holden Beauregard, Andy Greppi, Garrett Burns, Clay McCord, Jaden Wimberley, Calsita Herrera, Taryn Jones, Sarah Luna, Sophie Carter, Alison Reagor, Trent Wilson, Braydon Hutson, Sam Gearin, Jarrett Hayes, Justin Byers; and (not pictured) Allison Mason and Brooks Wimberly. The HCHS tennis team is action this afternoon at Kenwood High School  in Clarksville.


March means that spring sports have begun.

The Henry County High School varsity tennis team has completed three challenge matches to this point. The experiences gained will carry over to their official TSSAA matrix matches.

Our opening district matches this afternoon at Kenwood High School in Clarksville will determine the benefits of these early matches.

A total of 44 players make up this year’s team, 10 more than last year. Last year’s 34 players all participated in the required TSSAA matches that earned them a school “letter.”

The players in grades 10-12 at HCHS include Alex Boyd, Seth Bucy, Garrett Burns, Justin Byers, Skylar Butler, Fayne Cardenas, Sophie Carter, Alexis Daniels, Anna Divito, Clay Durham, Michael Flowers, Andy Greppi, Sam Gearin, Isabel Harrison, Reece Hassell, Jarret Hayes, Calista Herrera, Braydon Hutson, Taryn Jones, Sarah Luna, Clay McCord, Janet McFadden, Hallie Maddox, Allison Mason, Gigi Mitchell, Morgan Nance, Allison Reagor, Meredith Roberson, Tori Starks, Aaron Stearnes, William Wang, Trent Wilson, Jaden Wimberley and Brooks Wimberly.

Joining the team this year are 10 freshman players, wanting to learn the game and be part of a competitive team sport program and the opportunity to earn a varsity sport letter. They are Holden Beauregard, Amiya Byars, Meg Gardner, Josie Hudson, Madison Hopkins, Winnie Jones, Alyssa Mellon, Aaliyah Phillips and Aanalise Williams.

More kids are realizing how much fun competitive tennis can be.

Parents are recognizing the developments physically, psychologically and socially of the children.

These parents are encouraging their children to pursue this sport by participating year-round in tennis programs being offered locally.

The U.S. Tennis Association, the Northwest Tennessee Racquet Club and the City of Paris Parks Department are all working together to bring opportunities to kids of all ages and abilities.

Practices for the tennis team (on non-match days) are daily from 3:30-5 p.m.

The public is welcome to observe, encouraged to attend and show their support for the high school at the City of Paris tennis facility courts at HCHS.

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