Long-range bombers on the basketball court have a way of making fans react that only thundering slam dunks and loud smacking blocked shots can rival.

Henry County High School has had its share of dead-eye shooters over the history. Guys like Sam Tharpe, Ricky Williams and Edward Littleton were on the scene way before the 3-point rule came into effect in the late 1980s.

Today, the outside shooters are graded by the number of 3-pointers they make. So who are the top 3-point shooters in HCHS history?

It seems there has been one on every HCHS team since the rule came in effect from Russ James and Jeremy Latimer to Adam Parke and Blake Houston. Let’s take a look at these guys.



Latimer was a four-year starter as the Patriots’ point guard in his career. A tremendously skilled ball-handler and passer, Latimer could rise up to shoot text-book style jumpers from all around the 3 point arc.

It was no surprised he had all these fundamental skills because his father, J.R. Latimer, was a long-time successful junior high school coach at Puryear.

Latimer is the Patriots’ career leader for 3-point shots made with 194.  He had three seasons that rank in the program’s top 10 for most 3-pointers made. He tops out at No. 5 with 59 in the 1992-93 season. His consistency shows as he sank 53 3-pointers in the 1993-94 season to rank No. 7 and he is tied for No. 8 with 48 in the 1991-92 season.

Latimer’s teammate in 1991-92, Rob Markum, also hit 48 3-pointers that season. That number has also been reached by Ty Cook (2017-18) and Will Singleton (2019-20).



Another Puryear product that could really shoot the basketball was Blake Houston, who largely played forward for the Patriots. He ranks second on the Patriots’ career 3-pointer list with 124.

Like Latimer, he started for four years for the Patriots. He never had the one big season hitting 3-pointers but made just over 40 in three of his four years at HCHS.

Houston sank 41 3-points in both the 2011-12 and 2012-13 season while making 42 in the 2013-14 season. He is tied with James King (2017-18) and William Gray (1996-97) for the No. 14 and No. 16 best single season 3-point performances.



Singleton graduated this spring as a swingman that could turn a game around for the Patriots by hitting 3-pointers in a rapid-fire manner. He ranks third on the career 3-pointers made list at HCHS with 113.

His best season came in the 2018-19 campaign when he made 61 3-point shots which is the third highest total ever for a Patriot.



The older brother of the other Houston on this list. Blane was much like Singleton in that when his hand got hot, he could shoot a Patriot opponent out of the gym. He ranks fourth on the Patriots’ all-time 3-points made list with 110 in his career.

He made 76 3-pointers in the 2010-11 season which is the most any Patriot has ever hit in a single season.


ADAM PARKE (1997-2000)

Parke was a tall (6-foot-7), left-hand bomber that was a complete scorer that led the Patriots with a 20.1 a game average in the 1999-2000 season. He is fifth on the program’s career 3-pointers made list with 104.

He had the second best single season of any Patriot when he hit 62 in the 1999-2000 season.


WILLIAM GRAY (1995-98)

Gray was another tall player that could easily elevate to get off his jump shot. He stands at No. 6 on the Patriots’ career 3-point made list with 102.

Like Blake Houston, Gray’s hallmark was consistency in that he didn’t have any one big season hitting 3-pointers, with the 41 he hit in the 1996-97 season being his top year.

Sadly, Gray passed away in 2013.

RUSS JAMES (1987-90)

James arrived on the HCHS basketball team just when the 3-point rule was added to high school play in Tennessee and he readily took advantage of the shot from behind the arc. He joins Blake Houston and Adame Parke as left-hand bombers on this list.

James sent 101 3-pointers through the net for the Patriots in his career which is seventh-highest total for the program. He went on to success as a middle school coach at Inman before spending a tour as an assistant coach at HCHS.


TY COOK (2015-18)

The son of former Patriot point guard Ricco Cook, Ty Cook hit 86 3-point shots in his career to become to rank No. 8 for the program.

Cook’s best year came when he hit 48 3-pointers in the 2017-18 season.


JOHN ODOMS (2016-20)

Odoms joined Singleton in giving the most recent Patriot basketball teams a tough 1-2 punch from the outside. He made 84 3-point shots in his career which is the ninth highest total at HCHS.

He made 39 3-pointers as a junior and sank 31 during his senior season.


WILLIAM PERRY (2005-2008)

Perry was a swingman that enjoyed shooting the basketball.

He finished his career with 72 3-pointers to sit at No. 10 on the program’s career list.

Perry threw in 57 3-point shots in the 2007-08 season which is the sixth most during a single season for the Patriots.


Tommy Priddy is a Paris native who has been sports editor at the Post-Intelligencer since 1985. He can be reached by email at sports@parispi.net.

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