The Woodlands Nature Station at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is asking for help from the public in naming some of their animal ambassadors.

This month, the Nature Station is requesting names for their female bald eagle, who arrived at the station in 1987.

People have been submitting names for the eagle since July 4 and voting has begun for the final name. There are voting booths at the Golden Pond Visitor Center as well as at the Woodlands Nature Station, and they will remain there until July 19.

The final name will be revealed on July 20, the anniversary of the moon landing, where the phrase “the Eagle has landed” commemorated the historic moment.

Later this year, the nature station will ask for more help in naming their animal ambassadors.

They will be naming a female red wolf in October, a groundhog in February, a bobcat or “wildcat” during March Madness, and snapping turtles next July.

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