Our Dear Kendall's 'work' is disinformation and drivel.

It's too shallow to be graded on a curve, yet it is exactly what the Paris Post-Intelligencer loves to print in lieu of the work of editorializing for the record.

Just too busy with getting the paper out to put too fine a…


Tennesseans have been 'taking it in the shorts' for years.

'Our' so called state Republican leadership are nothing else except the lowest creeping things crawling upon the face of the good earth.

Alexander is an unprincipled reprobate - Corker and Haslam are the same, I have a…


The great shame is that we do not speak a common language when talking about men providing for their families.

Economic and political philosophy against the catch-as-catch-can systems of Eastern and Western development appear and change in the telling of their attributes and faults.…


"Before I'll be a slave, I'll be buried in my grave."

Words sung in a powerful Spiritual 'Oh Freedom'.

Words do indeed resolve a people to act in those moments facing their greatest challenges. Words of life and death. As the Preacher said "To everything there is a season."


Democracy is a slow rot into Marxist/socialism.

'America' is all but lost and never to be found in the hearts of her people again.

Lying, cheating and defrauding have come to define too many of the seed eating parasites who are euphemistically called Americans - their numbers …


My Dear Mr. Kendall,

I am happy to read that you enjoy sports because with President Trump's re-election you are going to be on the bench watching a whole lot of sports over the next four years.



Our Dear Mr. Griffey has so marginalized himself with one crippling blow after another to his shameful reputation that we have no hope of him producing positive political results for the people of Henry County and our district as a whole.

My father use to say that the American peopl…


So assembling themselves here to take a swipe at reason are the usual cast of misfits Henry County's paper of record has belched-up to trample capitalists while they affirm the theft of the labor of one man in favor of other men.

Voting for a living is easy, isn't it?



Political prostitutes at work.

Aren't lawyers the sorriest things?


Mr. Paul - I care, and, respect your statement about the evil of our day and that Paris and Henry County are driven by a lust for the almighty Dollar.

Many will be called by my name, but I will never know them. I can't remember who said that, it's late and I'm sleepy. Good night Ame…